Terry Marsh
ma | phd | frgs | FSA (Scot)

Country Matters


s a writer and photographer specialising in the outdoors and travel I'm frequently mistaken for someone on holiday! Of course, I'm not: when I'm walking the fells of Lakeland or the bleak acres of the Migneint in Snowdonia, or partaking of a little liquid refreshment in an auberge in some rural part of France, I'm working - honest. Okay, it's the kind of work I longed for during thirty years in local government; it pays half as much, and involves much longer hours. But then, happiness is fifty percent of my income.

I sincerely hope that through my writing and photography you find inspiration that will encourage your own exploration, and your own joy in the great wealth of nature, history and culture that awaits.

Mousa Broch, Mousa, Shetland

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Sgurr nan Gillean and the Pinnacles Ridge
from Glen Sligachan, Isle of Skye

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